10 Easy Lessons Guitar Chords Bk/CD - Gary Turner


10 Easy Lessons Guitar Chords Bk/CD

An easy to use chord dictionary containing the most useful open, jazz and bar chord shapes of all the most commonly used chord types. Also includes special sections on tuning, reading sheet music, transposing and using a capo.


'60s Guitar Riffs

(Guitar Riffs). This second edition features a super collection of 30 must-know riffs, transcribed note for note, complete with a CD with a demo of each song. Includes: All Day and All of the Night *...

'70s Guitar Riffs

(Guitar Riffs). This new series contains just the guitar riffs to your favorite songs, in standard notation and tablature, with fascinating facts about each song! A CD is included with demonstration...

"3 Doors Down" Guitar Tab

Matching folio to the chart-topping 2008 album featuring "Citizen/Soldier," "Train" and ten more: Give It to Me * It's Not My Time * It's the Only One You've Got * Let Me Be Myself * Pages * Runaway...

"Cats" Easy Piano Picture Book

Seven songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical are here arranged for easy piano with illustrations. The words are based on T.S.Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.

"Counting Crows": Guitar Recorded Versions

Matching folio with 14 songs, including: Daylight Fading * goodnight elisabeth * I'm Not Sleeping * A Long December * Mercury * Recovering the Satellites * Walkaways * and more.

"Easy Access for the Boys and All Over Lovely"

Published to tie in with performances by Claire Dowie at the Drill Hall, London Two new plays by Claire Dowie which focus on sex and repression and friendship among gay and lesbian characters.